Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2023

Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges, and we must take urgent action to address environmental threats such as climate change, excessive waste, and the depletion of natural resources. To tackle these issues, the fifth edition of the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge has been launched by Enterprise Singapore. This challenge seeks innovative minds from around the world to devise sustainable solutions in various sectors and with a local and regional focus, before being scaled globally.


Industry partners have presented distinct challenge statements under key themes such as Climate Change, Green Buildings, Sustainable Agriculture & Trade, and Sustainable Materials. Additionally, the challenge features an Open Category, welcoming additional sustainability-focused solutions.


Successful innovators in the Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge will gain a unique opportunity to engage in co-innovation with corporate partners, benefiting from their invaluable expertise, mentorship, and substantial resources. Prizes include over S$3,000,000 in support, including S$75,000 from Hexagon Group, as well as funding and real-world testing facilitated by industry pioneers.

Other benefits include paid pilot and trial opportunities, potential grant support, opportunities for co-innovation with industry partners, and networking and mentoring opportunities.

The challenge is open to solution providers from all over the world, and the application deadline is January 31, 2024. The selection process includes an info session in November 2023, an early submission deadline on January 15, 2024, and a shortlist announcement on March 4, 2024. Evaluation phase takes place between March and April 2024.

To apply for the Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge, interested individuals must register for an account on the platform, receive a confirmation email upon registration, and submit their application with their credentials. Applicants can also save their application as a draft if needed.

Join the movement towards sustainability and make a difference in our planet’s future by applying for the Enterprise Singapore Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge today. For more details, visit the Enterprise Singapore website.


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