EIT Food Competition For Fresh Ideas In Food Systems For Innovators 2024

Attention all innovators! Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize the global food system? EIT Food invites you to channel your entrepreneurial spirit and develop fresh ideas that have the potential to drive positive change and win substantial cash prizes. This competition is your platform to make a tangible impact on building a sustainable and resilient food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all.


By participating in this competition, you will have the opportunity to win a cash prize and share your idea with a panel of experts. There will be three prizes per mission – €1,000, €750, and €500. The three mission winners will face off for the EIT Food Champion prize of €2,000.


The course is designed to be flexible to your needs and is available up to December 31, 2023, for you to be part of the competition and get your certificate. The competition is open to individuals aged 18 years or older, and only a single entry per person is allowed. Participants must complete the first 4 sections of the course, and section 5 is the competition section which requires you to create and submit 4 slides.

To win, you must complete the four modules with a focus on one of the three EIT Food Missions: problem definition, solution, marketing, and finance. The judges will evaluate all entries based on the quality of the submission in each of the four sections of the course, as well as on the fit with the overall objectives of the chosen mission.

Join us in this quest for innovation, where every idea has the potential to not only drive positive change but also win substantial cash prizes. We believe in your potential, so come and join us! Visit the EIT Food website for more details and to apply.


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