2024 Deloitte Africa Talent Junior/ Mid Executive Assistant Program

Deloitte’s Africa Talent initiative stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, strategically positioned to harness the rich potential of African talent for the dual benefit of Africa and Europe. Situated in South Africa and operating under the auspices of Deloitte Africa and Deloitte Netherlands, Africa Talent is dedicated to addressing the escalating talent demands within these continents. By recruiting and nurturing talent across Sub-Saharan Africa, the division aims to bolster client projects with a workforce that enjoys the comprehensive Deloitte experience, enriched by both international and local exposure, and the flexibility of remote work. This initiative not only taps into Africa’s demographic promise as a talent reservoir but also pledges to foster job creation and talent development within the continent.

At the heart of Africa Talent lies a commitment to innovation, purpose, and the pursuit of impactful solutions to client challenges. This ethos drives a culture where inclusion, collaboration, and high performance are paramount, offering unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Africa Talent work readiness program epitomizes this approach, offering a platform for young professionals to hone essential business skills through interactive learning and mentorship. This blend of experiential coaching and peer engagement is designed to equip participants with critical skills such as business process design, time management, and emotional resilience, thereby enhancing their employability and career mobility within the Deloitte ecosystem.


For those poised to embark on this journey, the Africa Talent program promises not just skill enhancement but a comprehensive career development pathway. Participants will engage in formal learning and gain hands-on experience through client projects, all while benefiting from a competitive benefits package, a hybrid work model, and the support of a driven team. The program seeks individuals who are ready to contribute to a dynamic internal scaleup, leveraging the strength of a globally recognized brand to make a tangible impact on Africa’s prosperity. With a focus on continuous learning and a wealth of career opportunities, Deloitte’s Africa Talent initiative invites young graduates to become integral to its mission of shaping the future of professional services, both in Africa and beyond. For those interested in applying, details are available on Deloitte’s career website, with the firm welcoming applications from those who meet the outlined qualifications and share in its vision of innovation and excellence.

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