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Discover the Gateway to Your Postgraduate Journey in Colombia with ICETEX Scholarships

Embark on an academic adventure in the heart of Colombia with the ICETEX Scholarship Program, specifically designed for international students. This unique opportunity is open to individuals from around the globe, including those from non-Spanish-speaking countries seeking to enhance their Spanish proficiency before diving into their postgraduate studies. Dive into our comprehensive catalogue at the end of this post to explore the academic offerings, application guidelines available in both Spanish and English, and a detailed infographic about the scholarship in multiple languages including Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese.



The Colombian State Institution, ICETEX, is committed to fostering higher education by providing educational loans and scholarships through international cooperation. Aimed at economically disadvantaged yet academically talented individuals, ICETEX proudly introduces its Beca Colombia program under the Strategy of Reciprocity for international students. This initiative features two application pathways: one for those aiming to pursue postgraduate degrees in Colombia’s esteemed higher education institutions as outlined in the “2024-2 ACADEMIC OFFER CATALOG,” and another for non-Spanish speakers needing a language boost to undertake their postgraduate studies in Colombia. Importantly, successful applicants must secure acceptance letters for both the Spanish course and the postgraduate program of their choice, as outlined in the catalogue, to qualify for the scholarship.


The ICETEX Colombia Foreign Scholarship stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering a plethora of benefits including full tuition coverage, health insurance, a courtesy visa, a monthly living stipend, installation expenses, and financial support for books and materials. Prospective scholars must meet specific criteria, such as being a non-Colombian foreign citizen without prior residence in Colombia within the last six months before applying, and not having previously benefited from the Beca Colombia program among others. The selection process is rigorous, with renewal for programs extending beyond 12 months contingent upon satisfying ICETEX’s requirements.


With a closing date of June 9, 2024, time is of the essence. Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their applications online through the official ICETEX portal. Each step of the application process, from selection to acceptance, is meticulously outlined to guide applicants towards realizing their academic aspirations in Colombia. For a comprehensive understanding of the ICETEX scholarship, including application instructions and detailed benefits, visit the ICETEX website today and begin your journey towards academic excellence in Colombia.

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