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2024 Aspen Global Innovators Group-Impact West Africa fellowship program

2 months ago


2024 Aspen Global Innovators Group-Impact West Africa fellowship program

Embark on a transformative journey with the Aspen Global Innovators Group Impact West Africa Fellowship program, designed to empower changemakers across West Africa. This unique initiative seeks to equip individuals passionate about driving change with the necessary skills and support to address the myriad challenges facing nearly half a billion people within the 17 countries of this vibrant region. As an Impact Fellow, you will embark on an intensive 12-month odyssey aimed at propelling your advocacy efforts to new heights. This program allows Fellows to maintain their professional roles while benefiting from customized mentorship, participating in two intensive in-person workshops, and engaging in quarterly online training sessions to bolster their advocacy skills.

The fellowship’s structure is carefully designed to foster significant development in advocacy and strategic engagement. The program kicks off with two week-long, in-person convenings where Fellows will be immersed in sessions that break down the fundamentals of advocacy, explore effective strategies, and discuss the pivotal role of advocacy in societal transformation. Additionally, these convenings will delve into strategic engagement, offering tools for impactful communication, fundraising, and networking essential for successful advocacy. Between these convenings, Fellows will participate in virtual training sessions every quarter, covering a wide array of topics from community mobilization to media strategies, all tailored to meet the cohort’s specific needs and enhance their capabilities as agents of change.


To support Fellows in their journey, the program provides professional mentorship, pairing each participant with an experienced mentor to guide them in both advocacy efforts and strategic engagement. This personalized support ensures continuous growth, goal setting, and overcoming challenges. The fellowship covers all travel expenses for the in-person convenings, including airfare, local transport, lodging, and meals, making it a fully funded opportunity. Ideal candidates are those with a proven passion for advocacy, a track record of innovative solutions for community improvement, a clear vision of their initiative’s impact, notable leadership achievements, and a commitment to using the fellowship’s skills to bolster their organization and movements.

The selection process follows a clear timeline, starting with the application opening on May 1, 2024, and closing on June 30, 2024. Successful applicants will be interviewed in July 2024, with notifications of application status by early August 2024. The fellowship officially begins with virtual onboarding in late August 2024, followed by the first convening in Dakar in September 2024, and continues through a series of virtual training and another convening until the journey concludes in July 2025.

To seize this unparalleled opportunity to become a force for change in West Africa, ensure your application is submitted by the deadline on June 14, 2024. Interested and qualified candidates can apply through the Aspen Global Innovators Group portal at Join us in this impactful venture and utilize your passion and skills to make a lasting difference in West Africa.

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