Asia Foundation Women Researchers Fellowship Program 2024

The Asia Foundation, in collaboration with its partners in the Cross-Border Conflict: Evidence, Policy, and Trends (XCEPT) program, is excited to announce the Women Researchers Fellowship. The program aims to support six female researchers from across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to undertake independent research projects and develop their professional skills and networks.


Since 2018, the XCEPT program has been working with local partners to gain a better understanding of political, economic, and social dynamics in conflict-affected borderlands from Myanmar to Syria and South Sudan. Over 50 researchers from the regions of study have collectively produced and published over 220 pieces of original work, linking with contemporary discussions on a range of development issues, from trade and migration to governance and climate change.


The Women Researchers Fellowship is a year-long program that provides a research grant alongside professional support. Fellows will undertake original research with opportunities for publishing their work, a critical step in building a professional profile. A vital aspect of the initiative will be participation in joint skills-building and networking activities, peer learning, and individual mentoring with experienced researchers working within the XCEPT program. This will also include opportunities to attend in-person workshops and conferences to present work to key policy audiences and development practitioners.

To be eligible, applicants should have recently completed a master’s degree or PhD in Political Science, International Relations, Development Studies, or a similar relevant topic area, or have equivalent professional research expertise, including completion of at least one report or journal article of similar length and rigour to a master’s thesis. They should also have a demonstrable interest in issues related to conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and/or development initiatives in unstable or conflict-affected contexts.

The proposed research conducted through the fellowship must contribute to a better understanding of conflict-affected borderlands or how conflicts connect across borders, to provide analysis that can inform development policy and programming. Research produced through this fellowship will be required to focus on the following core themes of the XCEPT program: Gender and conflict, Governance in unstable border regions, Geostrategic dimensions of transnational conflict, Climate change and insecurity, and Economic drivers of conflict.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for the program by submitting a curriculum vitae, a cover letter outlining why you would be a good candidate for this fellowship, what you hope to gain from the experience, and how the experience would enable you to serve the interests of your community and networks in the future, an initial proposal of up to five pages describing the research you would like to undertake within the scope of this program, including proposed research questions and methodology, contact information for two references, and a recent writing sample. The application deadline is January 15, 2024.


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