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Ashoka/Schneider Electric Foundation (SEF) 2024 Youth Innovation for a Sustainable Future – Europe/Middle East/Africa

Marking a significant milestone, the Schneider Electric Foundation proudly announces the inauguration of the “Youth Innovation for a Sustainable Future Program” on its 25th anniversary. This pioneering initiative, in collaboration with the esteemed Fondation de France and Ashoka Changemaker Companies, aims to unearth and support 25 of the most groundbreaking youth-led projects that promise a sustainable future across all five continents. This year, the focus is on fostering a Just Transition, a concept championed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to ensure the greening of the economy benefits all, promoting inclusive, fair growth, and generating quality jobs while leaving no one behind.

For over two decades, the Schneider Electric Foundation has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable development, fostering social inclusion, and empowering communities globally. Celebrating this legacy, the foundation is now looking to empower the next wave of leaders poised to drive meaningful change. Through a rigorous selection process managed by the Schneider Electric Foundation and Ashoka offices, five exceptional projects from each continent will be chosen, making up a total of 25 innovative ideas. These projects will not only compete for monetary awards, with the top project on each continent receiving 30k euros but will also vie for the “Audience Prize” and the prestigious “Youth Innovation Champion” award, which carries a 50k euros prize to be awarded at COP29 in November 2024.


This unique program is tailored for organizations with a social mission, in operation for over a year, and based in any of the five continents. It offers increased visibility for selected projects through SEF and Ashoka’s social media channels and involves a jury selection process sensitive to linguistic preferences across different regions. The comprehensive selection criteria ensure that submitted projects align with key priorities such as Just Transition, awareness and inclusion, energy management training, entrepreneurship, and gender. The program’s timeline is laid out, with the call for projects starting on April 22, 2024, and culminating in the announcement of selected projects on June 23, 2024. For those interested in making a difference, the detailed application process is available on the Ashoka website, with a final submission deadline of May 19, 2024. This initiative represents an unparalleled opportunity for youth-led projects to gain the support and recognition needed to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive future.

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