AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program 2024

Welcome to the AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program, a pioneering initiative designed to empower, educate, and elevate women in the agricultural sector. This virtual program merges a competitive spirit with comprehensive learning, offering a unique platform for women agripreneurs to showcase their talents, challenge their limits, and transform their agribusinesses.


Over 10 weeks, participants will engage in a series of challenges and in-depth learning modules, culminating in an exciting Gala event where the top achievers will be celebrated. The program offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow, learn, and lead in the dynamic world of agriculture, whether you’re competing for the top spot or seeking to expand your agricultural knowledge and network.


The AgriVuno Women in Agri Accelerator Program provides many benefits to its participants, including a competitive growth arena where three elimination rounds will identify the top 10 finalists, showcasing their exceptional skills and innovative solutions in agriculture. The three ultimate winners will receive various grand prizes and awards, and all 10 finalists will be eligible for a short promotional film production of their business and farm, allowing them to tell their story as a female agripeneur.

Furthermore, participants can participate in an impactful learning program, covering key areas like sustainable farming, agribusiness management, and marketing, complemented by expert-led sessions and interactive peer discussions. Certification will be issued to all participants completing the program. Additionally, the program offers post-program access to the complete course content for participants not advancing to the final rounds, ensuring a continuous learning journey for every ambitious agripreneur.

To apply for the program, interested individuals must be fluent in English, between 18-50 years old, have an agribusiness in operation for six months or more, have a stable and good internet network connection, a personal computer or device, and are willing to set aside time for the program modules. The selection process of the program involves interactive virtual workshops, personal development and mentorship, and preparation for the gala event. The application deadline is not specified, and applicants can apply through AgriVuno on


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