Africa Ball Pen Art Contest By BIC Art Master 2024 – Apply Now

BIC is thrilled to announce the “Art Master” Ball Pen art competition, a unique opportunity designed to spotlight and nurture the rich tapestry of talent spanning Africa and the Middle East. This contest invites creative minds to express themselves and vie for top honours among their peers under the inspiring theme of “Ubuntu Together.”

The concept of “Ubuntu Together” draws from the profound African philosophy that emphasizes our mutual reliance and shared essence as human beings. Participants are encouraged to capture the essence of unity and the powerful connections within communities, portraying the deep-seated strength that arises from collective harmony and cooperation.


Contest Overview:

  • BIC Ball Pen Art Contest: Dive into the details of the competition designed for artists who are residents of Africa and the Middle East.
  • Benefits: Discover the array of benefits awaiting the winners, including cash prizes, exposure, and recognition.
  • Entry Requirements: Learn about the criteria for participation, including artwork specifications and submission guidelines.
  • Judging Process: Understand the selection process led by a panel of esteemed judges from diverse art backgrounds.
  • Application Deadline & Submission: Mark your calendar for the July 18, 2024 deadline and find out how to submit your artwork.

Key Highlights:

Rewards for Winners: The grand prize winner will be crowned the BIC® Art Master of Africa for 2024, receiving a $2,000 cash prize, an online personalized gallery, and a feature in the BIC Art Collection. The second-place artist will be awarded $1,000, and the third-place artist will receive $500.

Participation Criteria: Artists are to create their submissions exclusively with BIC Ball Pens on a minimum of A3 size paper. Open only to residents of Africa and the Middle East, each artist may register once and submit up to three pieces of original work. Winners will be required to present the original artwork upon request.

Judging and Selection: A panel of art experts, passionate about uncovering new talent, will review the submissions. Three winners will be selected for their creativity and interpretation of the theme, offering them a chance for global recognition through the BIC Art Collection.

How to Enter: If you’re ready to showcase your artistic skills and embrace the spirit of “Ubuntu Together,” visit to apply before the deadline on July 18, 2024.

Seize this opportunity to be part of a contest that celebrates creativity, community, and the enduring power of art to connect us all. BIC looks forward to discovering how artists across Africa and the Middle East interpret “Ubuntu Together” in this exciting competition.

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