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Dubai Residence Visa – How to Get Dubai Residence Visa

The number of applicants for UAE/Dubai residence visa is also growing, and the request for residency in Dubai is growing. If your employer gives you a sponsorship, you can get a home in Dubai. Still, the residence visa must be renewed every three years. You can also buy real estate in the Emirates to live in Dubai. You can also open a bank account in Dubai after you have earned your residence.

Who is eligible to apply for UAE/Dubai residence Visa?

A immigrant seeking a residence permit in the UAE has several requirements. The conditions which apply to the applicant also depend on the nationality of the applicant. When applying for a Dubai residence permit, the following situation must be totally comfortable:

Citizens from non-Gulf Cooperation Council countries must apply for residency permits after traveling to Dubai.
The employer shall apply for a visa on behalf of a foreign national to receive a residence visa via employment.
Visa is required for residency practices such as setting up a Dubai bank account or buying goods such as cars.


  • Passport validity must be at least six months in the case of applications for the Dubai residency visa.

Get residence through employment. 

When foreign citizens start to work for a business in Dubai, they commonly apply for residency.

Suppose the employer submits a foreign citizen’s application for an entrance visa. In that case, the company should also seek permission to recruit the foreigner and request a business license in Dubai. Foreigners supporting family members for a Dubai Residential Visa shall, if the sponsor’s employer gives accommodation or over 4,000 AED per

month, have a month’s income exceeding AED 3,000 if the sponsor owns their own house.

Get a residency by registering a company.

You may also live in Dubai by registering an organization or company in the Emirates. As a foreign citizen, you are allowed to remain a shareholder in a local business and recruit workers in the emirate with this residency visa.

Documents necessary for residency applicants

  • A request form is required.
  • Copies of valid passports
  • The license of the driver
  • Certificate of birth
  • If you’re married, a marriage certificate.
  • Copies of all qualifications in education and training

Before entering the job, the candidate must also receive a medical examination. Each time a residence permit is extended, a medical test is required.

Process of obtaining UAE/Dubai Residence Visa

  • The process will be the following when you obtain the visa as the company owner:
  • Corporation Registration
  • Securing a passport (the company’s immigration card that allows you to apply for a visa)
  • Authorization for entry (a prerequisite of a resident visa, which is done at its initial stage)
  • Identify Emirates and conduct medical tests.
  • Stamp your passport with your visa

Your presence is expected at the medical check-up and application for Emirate ID and visa deflation. Your passport will be returned to the Immigration Office for stamping. You can not depart the UAE until the treatment is over.